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Selection Criteria Computer Monitors


Topten (Best products of Europe) presents the most energy efficient computer monitors of Europe.

Technical criteria

In order to be displayed on, computer monitors must

  • Be labelled by Energy Star Version 5.1
  • Be labelled by TCO
  • Be available in at least one European country
  • Have a maximum Sleep and Off mode power consumption of 1.0 Watt
  • Have a maximum On mode power consumption according to the following table:
Diagonale (inches) Max. On mode power consumption
15 ≥ d < 17
13 watts
17 ≥ d < 20
18 watts
20 ≥ d < 22
20 watts
d ≥ 22 inches
22 watts

On mode power values must be declared according the Energy Star Requirements for Displays (PDF)

Data sources

All values according to the Energy Star Requirements for Displays (PDF)

Order of presentation

The products are ranked according to their electricity costs during 5 years, in second priority according to the brand’s names’ alphabetical order. The order of presentation can be changed by clicking on the headings of the tables.


Electricity costs (€ in 5 years)

Assumptions: Costs for electricity during 5 years (monitor’s mean life time)
Tariff of electricity : 0.15 €/kWh. (This should be understood as order of magnitude as there can be large differences depending on country or electrical utility.)
Three hours per day in the On mode, three hours in the  sleep and 18 hours in the Off mode (but not disconnected)

Signal input /Connector type / Input terminals

Lists the monitor’s different types of input terminals.

Size (Inch)

Diagonal display size, in inches.

Resolution (Pixel)

Maximum resolution in pixel (horizontal x vertical).


Typical contrast ratio (200 meaning contrast of 1:200).

Brightness (cd/m2)

Image’s typical brightness (luminance), in candela per m2.

Power On (W)

Power input when in the On mode, in watts.

Power Sleep (W)

Power input when in the Sleep mode, in watts.

Power Off (W)

Power input in watts when switched off, but not disconnected.

Available in countries

Countries in which a product is available according to producers declarations; country codes according to ISO.
EU= available throughout the European Union
CH= Switzerland
On demand= producers could not indicate the availability and consumers have to ask on their own.


Standards and Labels



  • SELINA: EU project on Standby and Off mode losses in new appliances measured in Shops

Planta/Michel/Bush, February 2012


Producers and retailers are kindly asked to contact info[at] to inform about more products which meet the topten selection criteria.