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Selection Criteria Laser Printers


Topten (Best products of Europe) presents the most energy efficient black-and-white (monochrome) and colour laser printers with a maximum printing speed of 100 pages per minute for the standard paper size (A4 and A3) with a maximum printing speed of 100 pages per minute, of Europe.

Technical criteria

In order to be displayed on, laser printers must

  • Actually be available in at least one European country
  • Be registred at Energy Star or meet comparable requirements
  • Be able to print on recycled paper
  • Have an energy efficiency index according to the following scheme:

Maximum Efficiency Index
colour 1 - 20 ppm
colour 21 - 100 ppm  

Data sources

  • Producers’ declarations, found in catalogues and on the web or on request
  • Declarations by ‘Energy Star’
  • National data-bases and Topten-sites such as

Order of presentation

Products are ranked according to their efficiency index, which has been calculated by topten. The order of presentation can be changed by clicking the tables’ headings.


Brand, Model, Similar Model

Products of similar construction or identical technical values are displayed only once. Clicking in the column makes the specific brands and models visible.

Electricity costs (€ in 5 years)


  • Costs for electricity during 5 years (printer’s mean life time)
  • According to the standardised Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC)
  • Tariff of electricity: 0.15 €/kWh. (This should be understood as order of magnitude as there can be large differences depending on country or electrical utility.)

Speed monochrome/colour (ppm)

Maximum number of pages (A4) to be printed per minute (pages per minute = ppm) (according to the standardised methodology of Energy Star).

Power Sleep (Watt)

Power input when in the Sleep mode, in Watt.

TEC (kWh/week)

The Typical Electricity Consumption (kWh/week) is measured according to the standardised methodology of Energy Star for office equipment (Version 1.1). Only products with a TEC below a certain value are labelled with the Energy Star.

Energy Efficiency Index (%)

The Energy Efficiency Index (EEI, in %) is calculated by Topten based on the product’s TEC and Energy Star’s TEC limit value:  EEI= TEC*100/TEC limit value. The lower a product’s EEI, the better is its energy efficiency.

Paper size

Maximum paper size.

Paper capacity (sheets)

Standard paper supply in number of sheets for the paper cassette and the multi-purpose tray, e.g. 500+100. Usually there is the option to significantly increase it for a somewhat higher price; e.g. (+550).

Print memory (MB)

Random Access Memory (RAM), in Megabytes (MB).

Two-sided output

Also called duplexing: capability to print on both of a sheet’s sides.
Yes = this mode is as a standard included in this product
No = this mode is not contained and cannot be integrated into this product
Option = this mode can be integrated into the product for a higher price

Available in countries

This item displays the availability of models in European countries according to producers’ declarations, national Topten sites. "EU" means all countries of the European Union. However, the availability is sometimes difficult to define precisely depending on retailers' selling decisions or if the supply is stated as possible on catalogues but there is no marketing for specific products in some countries.
"On demand" means, that producers could not indicate the availability and that consumers have to ask in their countries on their own. The country codes are according to ISO.


Standards and Labels



  • SELINA: EU project on Standby and Off mode losses in new appliances measured in Shops

Producers and retailers are kindly asked to contact info[at] to inform about more products which meet the Topten selection criteria.

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