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Recommendations Tumble Driers

Download policy recommendations tumble driers from May 2012 (pdf)


Heat pump driers consume 50% less energy than conventional condenser driers, thanks to their efficient heat pump technology. Today all important brands offer heat pump drier models: there are totally 88 models of 18 brands on the Topten lists for residential driers,  driers for semi-professional and for professional use. In Switzerland, heat pump driers reached a market share of 32% in 2010 and only heat pump driers are allowed on the market since January 2012.

Also the EU should set ambitious minimum efficiency requirements. Our policy recommendations explain the new energy label, which has recently been adopted by the European Commission, and contain detail suggestions for minimum efficiency requirements, based on the draft ecodesign regulation from March 2012.

Recommendations in short:

1. Minimum energy efficiency requirements

Minimum efficiency requirements should leave only heat pump driers on the market - now announced enough time in advance

2. Humidity sensors

Driers should be equipped with a humidity sensor and an auto-off to avoid excess energy use by overdrying

3. Condensation efficiency requirements

Minimum condensation efficiency requirements can be more ambitious so that no moisture damages occur

4. No protection for inefficient technologies

Class C vented driers should also be phased out, and combined washer-driers should be included in the ecodesign measure

May 2012, Bush, Michel