Recommendations for household luminaires

Download full policy recommendations for household luminaires (pdf)

Consumers do not have sufficient information about household luminaires energy efficiency. European eco-design requirements and energy efficiency labels for lamps are good, but they are not enough. Household luminaires differ greatly in optical efficiency, and mandatory luminaire labelling should be aimed for in the mid-term. Successful voluntary luminaire labels exist today and can lead the way. Mandatory product information on optical efficiency is neccessary to tap the full saving potential of domestic lighting. It could be a powerful tool for initiating fast product development towards energy efficiency.

No luminaire labelling regulation has yet been agreed upon. A straight-forward test standard and classification system must be found to calculate energy efficiency. The process needs to be viable for industry. Strategies to streamline the process must be investigated to minimize bureaucracy and costs, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Short-term measures could include warnings on luminaires that are not compatible with efficient lamps, and a practice that luminaires be sold with lamps of the highest efficiency class available for the socket. This would ensure energy efficient lighting is supported from the moment of the luminaire sale.


September 2011