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Vacuum cleaners

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The most important vacuum cleaners regarding energy consumption are canister and upright vacuum cleaners. The EuP Study estimates that over 45 million units are sold on the EU market annually and that the current annual energy consumption for vacuum cleaning is at around 120 Twh.
Input power of vacuum cleaners has more than doubled in the past fifty years. Today, most vacuum cleaners have input power ratings between 1500 and 2700 W. Yet there is no clear correlation between input power and cleaning efficiency. 
Topten recommends several vacuum cleaners with input power ratings of 1200 W and lower and excellent cleaning efficiency. It is agreed by stakeholders that technology to reduce input power to 750 W will be available in the near future.
The Ecodesign Regulation is currently in preparation. It is recommended to introduce a power cap in two steps at 1000 W and at 750 W as well as minimal requirements for filtration efficiency and a limit for noise emissions.
Additionally, an Energy Label may be implemented to inform about energy efficiency, cleaning performance, noise and dust emissions.
The imposition of mandatory capping of input power ratings for mains powered vacuum cleaners in combination with the introduction of an Energy-Label will lead to significant energy savings: The EuP estimates that a cap of 750 W will result in overall energy-savings of 565 TWh.

July 2011, Gehrig, Bush