Recommendations Cold Appliances

Download full policy recommendations cold appliances (pdf)


There are 57 highly efficient A+++ cold appliance models on the European market, and around 500 different A++ models. A++ consume 25% less, A+++ even 50% less electricity than A+ refrigerators and freezers, which will remain on the market according to the ecodesign regulation from 2009. There is the potential to reduce the energy consumption of cold appliances in Europe’s households by the production of more than six nuclear power plants. Future standards regarding energy efficiency in household cold appliances have to be geared by the best-performing existing models. Switzerland is going ahead: from 2013 only A++ and A+++ refrigerators and freezers will be permitted on the market.

Policy recommendations in short

1. Minimum efficiency requirements

Announce additional future minimum efficiency requirements corresponding to today's BAT and announce to ban also today’s class A+ – in favour of A++ and A+++.

3. Energy efficiency label

Rescale the scheme of the energy efficiency categories, so that ‘A’ stands for the very best and adapt the label scheme on a regular basis to the technical state-of-the-art.

May 2012, Bush, Michel