Recommendations Washing Machines

Download full policy recommendations for Washing Machines (pdf)

Policy recommendations in short:

Revision of the New EU Energy Label

The introduction of new energy classes (A+ to A+++) obviously encouraged industry to improve their machines. However, a good part of the efficiency potential seems not to be used by the new labeling scheme for washing machines. As some washing machines already exceed the threshold of the best class by 9% there seems to be no incentive for further developments. The new energy efficiency classes are too weak, it is necessary to revise the EU energy label as soon as possible to facilitate further improvements. The top classes then should be held empty for future technical developments.

Revision of the Eco-design Requirements

It is recommended to revise the Eco-design Requirements for Washing Machines as soon as possible, in particular to strengthen the requirements on the Energy Efficiency Index. Additionally it is key that Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) shall also be set for the spin-drying efficiency (A is recommended). Drying laundry by tumble driers consumes far more energy than the washing itself and spinning is much more efficient than tumble drying.

Revision of The Blue Angel and the EU Ecolabel

Both labels should focus on best products and therefore should revise their requirements as soon as possible, in particular regarding the Energy Efficiency Index and the spin-drying efficiency (A is recommended).

May 2011, Josephy, Bush, Michel